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About Us

We Are Survivors!

About Operation Pink

After several surgeries, 4 months of chemo and 32 days of radiation, our Founder, breast cancer survivor Stephanie Holmes knows all too well how stressful it is to maintain a household while fighting cancer.  After receiving  donations of household essentials, Stephanie realized how valuable and what a difference it made to her family when she could no longer do the simple things.  And for those reasons she made it her mission to provide services, love, and support that will assist survivors while in treatment.

With the help of her family, Operation Pink was born in 2012 deriving from these same principles. Winning by helping others. Operation Pink’s goal is to provide charitable goods to assist with the daily essentials of breast cancer survivor’s that are currently in active treatment. Our focus is to help decrease stress levels and allow breast cancer patients to focus on what’s important. Healing.

Our Mission

Operation Pink’s mission is to help women by providing assistance and
inspiring hope to those affected by breast cancer by providing
supportive services to those in active treatment.

Meet The Board

Winning By Helping Others

Rachel MaxieTreasurey

Shirley BarbourSecretary

Shawna TurnerBoard Member

Cashundra JacksonVice President

Stephanie HolmesPresident & CEO

Operation Pink is here for you! Get the help you need.

If you or a family member is in active treatment for breast cancer and have lost all or a part of their income during active treatment… See if you qualify.
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